What is EncryptoTel?

Encrypto Telecom offers radical new solutions for communication, contributing extensively to the ongoing global debate around privacy and civil liberties. Encrypted communication is the logical future for all traditional telecommunications.
Your privacy is in good hands with EncryptoTel. Our company offers a full range of telecommunications services based on an innovative cloud PBX. We use cutting-edge solutions in the sphere of digital technologies, including encryption through open, proven algorithms and the use of blockchain technology.



Already implemented

What we want to do

  • Target #1: $100,000+
    Creation of stable, fully-functional PBX with reliable encryption and updated user interface for greater accessibility.
  • Target #2: $250,000+
    Realisation of EncryptoTel’s own traffic encryption protocol based on blockchain technology, including release of mobile applications for Android and iOS for safe and easy communication within a PBX.
  • Target #3: $1,000,000 - $3,000,000+
    Entrance to the international market with an aggressive policy of expansion, allowing EncryptoTel to occupy a more significant fraction of the telecommunications industry, including entry into PBX models that are already configured and customised for the most common tasks in the B2B, B2C and B2G sectors. Acquisition of the necessary licences to provide customers with telecommunications services and allocate numbers to them ourselves.


Benefits for investors


Maximum discount on company services


Ability to take part in strategic business decisions


Priority processing of support tickets and purchase orders


Personal investor account, in which investors can track company statistics, current quarter profits, and payments history

The EncryptoTel token (ticker: ETT)

Will be the native currency for our telecoms ecosystem and services, offering discounts and other advantages. All tokens used to pay for services will be burned, reducing the overall supply of tokens on the market and driving up demand and price over time.

ICO token allocation

  • Team

  • Roman Nekrasov
    CEO and co-founder
    An IT specialist with extensive working experience of optimising processes in technological settings including data centres, telecommunications, logistics, HORECA and other B2B/B2C-oriented sectors over the last 8+ years. Roman has been actively involved in the cryptocurrency world since the second half of 2012, when he started GPU-mining bitcoin and began exploring the markets and different blockchain-based projects.
  • Aleksey Kuznetsov
    CTO and co-founder
    A software development engineer with a strong background of developing of high-load ERP systems and virtual servers for telecommunications companies, Aleksey developed his own PBX automation system and has successfully integrated this solution into several ongoing projects. He has more than 10 years experience of working in IT and of managing development teams.
  • Igor Bityutskih
    CIO and co-founder
    Igor has 12 years experience of developing and managing projects in areas including the medical industry and telecommunications, and also in patenting different solutions. He holds a PhD in Computational Mathematics and a Master’s degree in Management.
  • Escrow

  • Sasha Ivanov
    CEO and Founder of Waves Platform
    Bitcoin multisig & WAVES balance escrow
    A physicist by education, Sasha Ivanov has long been involved in the development of software for Internet payment systems and neural network prediction software for the financial markets. After the emergence of blockchain technology he launched the first instant cryptocurrency exchange, Coinomat.com; the first fiat blockchain token, coinoUSD; the first tradable cryptocurrency index, CoinoIndex.com; and the Waves blockchain platform.
  • Dmitry Meshkov
    PhD, IOHK.io researcher

    ETH & ETC balance
    Dmitry Meshkov has been developing software since 2009. He graduated from Moscow State University, has had numerous papers published in peer-reviewed Russian and international journals and holds a PhD from the Semenov Institute of Chemical Physics.