• Call redirection. Ability to redirect an incoming call to another phone number.
    Example: The user can redirect calls to a local number, or to multiple local numbers based on who is calling and when.

  • Two-factor authentication (2FA). An additional layer of protection will be offered for services such as exchanges and crypto-wallets.
    Example: In addition to username-password login, users will receive a call, text message or other authentication details before access is granted.

  • Encryption and traffic protection. Traffic is reliably encrypted and protected with the latest encryption protocols.
    Example: For instances such as important business negotiations or for individuals concerned about privacy for any reason, this functionality will protect data from audio interception and man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks.

  • Free communication. Every subscriber will receive a free internal number for the network.
    Example: Talk within a network, one-on-one or with a group, free of charge.

  • Hide a phone number. Phone numbers used for outgoing calls will be masked from detection by a receiving device.
    Example: Conduct negotiations and other communication without revealing your direct subscriber’s number.

  • Scenario execution. This makes it possible to create scenarios that are executed via SMS/MMS and calls.
    Example: Users can send cryptocurrency to predetermined address by calling a designated number and entering a pin-code via their phone’s keypad.

  • Multiplatformity. EncryptoTel can be used with all operating systems, IP-phones and gateways.
    Example: Users will have access to deployment and control of their PBX via any device – mobile terminal, desktop workstation, tablet, etc.

  • Conversation recording and data storage. Recordings of conversations or other important data can be securely stored.
    Example: Optionally turn on storage for all negotiations and files. This stored data can only be decrypted by the owner using EncryptoTel’s integrated 12 blockchain technology.

  • Call tracking. Monitor traffic resources.
    Example: It is possible to create a unique number for every advertisement resource. Statistics can be downloaded and progress monitored from the user’s account.

  • IVR (interactive voice response). Voice recognition facilities.
    Example: Create pre-recorded instructions for people who call you, optimising processing for incoming calls.

  • Video call. Face-to-face calling.
    Example: Call someone using a camera or begin a live to - camera broadcast.

  • Reminders. Synchronise your app with your calendar.
    Example: Prompt reminders for important events via call or SMS.

  • API. Interact with the EncryptoTel service on the back-end level.
    Example: Integrate your CRM or another system with EncryptoTel’s PBX and gain access to all its services, with the opportunity to build new facilities on top of it.

  • AI and text interaction. Perform basic set-up and control for popular messengers using EncryptoTel’s artificial intelligence bot.
    Example: Initialize a call via Telegram, XMPP/Jabber client with the help of a simple message, such as ‘Call the number +1 … 1 from the USA zone number, then call me back on the number +1 … 2’.

    • And much more...